Panel Lift Garage Doors

Panel Lift Garage Doors

Do you have a low ceiling? Are you wondering if it is possible for a door for your garage?

We Ausdoors Garage doors are now at Sydney to help you fit the Panel Lift Garage Doors. These are the best fit for your low ceiling. Usually, garage doors roll up or around a drum as you know it, but this rolls along the ceiling of your garage.

How does a Panel Lift Garage Door look like?

It is made up of sections and panels which are hinged together and rolls flat beneficial for low ceiling. Adding windows to your panel lift garage doors makes it pleasant to look at. This benefits you as it allows natural light to enter, but this could be applicable for winters too. So at Ausdoors we let you make the choice independently as we respect our customer’s needs. We provide suggestions with our samples and make you see the pros and cons of adding a particular type of garage door thereby helping you make a choice.

Every garage door that you fit, any type for that instance, will not close tightly making it easier for dust and rain to enter depending on seasons. At Ausdoors we have analyzed this as a challenge for customers as well as for us. We have chosen to address this by fitting weather-seal strips at the bottom of your garage door. This has dual benefits, efficient energy consumption and reduces the chill during winter.

Why to Choose Panel Lift Garage Doors? Save Your Fingers!

Firstly, they are smooth and quiet. They have nylon wheels with ball bearings which prevents accidents during movements. Door failures can cause serious injuries sometimes to kids whose little fingers can get caught up in between. Using a panel lift garage door is safe for people of all ages. At Ausdoors we are very conscious when it comes to safety. We verify during and after installation for the same and certify the same to our customers.

Panel Lift garage doors are easy to operate! You can open and close easily! We have worked hard to reduce the chance of door binding.

Climate in Australia is well known to us! Our garage doors are put to test to stand up to the Australian climates ups and downs.

Fitting your panel lift garage doors in wood, gives it striking looks. We offer wood-grain and smooth finish! However, we provide in material choices and custom specifications that you would like.

Our doors are built-to-last! Call us for a free quote and check out our competitive prices that will make you, our lasting customers!