We have addressed few most frequently asked questions regarding garage doors and openers for your reference.

Do you have a specific design feature, profile, color, style or material in your mind that you doubt whether Ausdoors will supply for you?

No worries, we are open to customer suggestions and we work on implementing exact customer requirements according to their needs.

What type of Garage door is right for your use?

It depends on what type you want to fix the garage door at your home or your industry premises. We can guarantee that you can choose from a wide variety for both. Our expert consultants will help you make the right choice. We measure your location and provide suggestions and quotes based on the same. We focus on balancing striking looks and convenience. Our 100% guarantee is on your safety.

What about installing a Remote Garage Door for my home? Is it going to be pricey?

You must have seen the Bond movies, where even cars work at the click of a remote. It sure looks pricey. But Ausdoors provide you with the latest technology in a simple solution by connecting it with your existing or new home control unit. Or even better, getting you to install a free app in your phone, be it iPhone, Android or Blackberry. The good part here is paying a moderate cost of around 10 to 15$ a year can protect your home. Activate your garage door opener to make it easier for access.

Do I have to park my car away from the garage door before opening it?

With sectional garage doors, you can park your car close to them. If you open them, they won’t smack into your car. This is because the ideal sectional garage doors do not swing outward, making it easy to park your car nearby. Ausdoors also provide secure side track system along with the sectional garage doors.

Why should I insulate my Garage Door?

Insulating your garage door makes it work wonders for all seasons if you love to work in your garage or if you have placed lofts in your garage. This could also save your automobiles engines to stay stable throughout the season. Not insulating might make you feel the chill right on your feet even with a closed garage door during the winter or wet seasons.

Are there any DIY garage door tips that you suggest?

Our professional experts fix it quickly and easily for you. Do not try DIY tips before, during or after the installation of the garage doors. However, our team will suggest tips to maintain the garage doors to make them last longer. This is because our quality is as important as your security. We provide top quality gear, which is an investment for your security; we would advise not to compromise with amateur techniques.

Should I go for electric or manual garage door?

It depends on the site where we are going to place the garage door. We would suggest electric motor mostly. Our guarantee period for electric motor is 5 years. We suggest using the remote makes your life easier than manual. The electric motor lasts longer, more than 20 years in most cases. So consider this as an investment and open your choices to safety.

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